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About Us

Dr Elisabeth Bezemer DOMDr. Elisabeth Bezemer DOM is a Florida state licensed Acupuncture Physician. She earned her 5 year Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, and Bachelor of Health Science degree from East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, with over 3000 hours of training.

Dr. Elisabeth completed her residency program at EWCNM health clinic and an internship and advanced studies at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing China, where she received training from the top Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors specialized at weight loss and endocrinology. In addition, she is also trained and certified in Acupuncture Injection Therapy AIT, Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT, CNT and CPR.

Trained as a Fashion designer, Elisabeth has been an artist most of her life. She became fascinated by the Taoist focus on connection of energy and matter. She began a lifelong study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chiang Mai Thailand in 2003 (18 years), Chi Nei Tsang
(organ chi) massage, Tai qi, Qi gong and The Healing Tao meditations. These practices have had varying degrees of expression in her artwork. Her interests have led her to live and study in China and Thailand from 2000 to 2011.

Her purpose is to help as many people get as healthy as possible with natural medicine. Every day she is making advancements in her ability to grow as a practitioner and entrepreneur to create health care that will make a bigger impact.

Her target is to find and treat the root cause because she realizes that treating symptoms will only get you so far. Her examination, testing, lab reviews, and learning are always expanding and she uses the best resources possible to identify and remove causal agents.

She enters every patient encounter in a heart-centered flow state which allows her to be creative and to deeply connect with the patients she serves. Her work brings significant enjoyment and she feels refreshed by her ability to provide meaningful care.

She understands that healing is an unique process every individual must go through in order to grow. She is simply there as a guide who can direct the patient on the correct path for lasting results that move them in a brighter, healthier future.

She finds breakthroughs in new and expanding technology which includes the Erchonia EVRL Low Level Laser Therapy, new acupuncture methods, communication tools and office systems.

Elisabeth is married and has three children. She lives with her husband, son, dog Google and 6 chickens in Tampa Heights, Tampa, Florida, USA.
She created Tampa Heights Acupuncture LLC to provide the option to get quality individualized holistic health care in her beloved neighborhood.

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