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Dr. Elisabeth Bezemer

Licensed Acupuncturist in Tampa, FL

Our Mission

Tampa Heights Acupuncture promotes optimal wellness and preventative medicine by providing its patients high quality holistic health care by formulating an individualized treatment plan incorporating acupuncture, laser therapy (photobiomodulation), herbal therapy, cupping, acupuncture injection therapy (AIT) and nutritional consulting.

Health is the new wealth and we want to contribute in making our neighborhood prosper.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are often able to achieve results in cases that have not responded to Modern Western Medicine, and are often cheaper and have less side effects than Western medical care.

Global demand for acupuncture is expected to grow significantly because of the growing prevalence of chronic diseases, rapidly changing lifestyles, and rising health complications among the geriatric population. Moreover, no severe side effects, reduced dependency on medication, and minimal invasive procedures are responsible for the increasing adoption of acupuncture therapies. Currently, acupuncture services are provided at 73% of people treated at the National Cancer Institute.

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Low Level Laser Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Gua Sha treatment

Gua Sha

Chinese Herbs

Herbal Medicine

Cupping Treatment


Our clinic differs from other competitors in that we are open Wednesday evening and Saturday in the weekend at 2 locations. We provide an individualized herbal formula in capsules for convenience and reduce costs for the client, we specialize in rejuvenation treatments and we have been trained in China at the Master level. Dr. Elisabeth has been practicing Chinese medicine since 2003 (18 years).We offer treatments with the Erchonia EVRL laser which has FDA approved treatment protocols to supercharge the acupuncture.

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Tampa Heights Acupuncture LLC
2908 N Central ave
Tampa, FL 33602
*By appointment only

2908 N Central ave
Tampa, FL 33602
*By appointment only

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